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The progression of dance music relies heavily on the pioneers of sound who are constantly altering, changing, and evolving. Through clubs, radio, remixes, compilations and media exposure, dance music continues to infiltrate the music business and create legends out of the global purveyors of the music - the deejays.


Producer and remixer Craig Christensen, aka DJ Craig C, combines his knowledge of classic soul, jazz, rock and dance with versatility and appreciation for both the deep underground grit and prime-time energy of dance floors with DJ residencies that span the globe. He has recorded and produced popular remixes, favorite bootlegs, and sly mashups for a staggering array of artists including: Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Yoko Ono, Beyoncé, Cazwell, Solange, Kelly Rowland, Lady Gaga, Jody Watley, Scissor Sisters, Amanda LePore, Mary J. Blige, Le Tigre, The Killers, RuPaul, Stevie Nicks, the B-52s, Lady Gaga and Ultra Nate' and many more. He has recorded and produced for artists such as Norma Jean Wright (of Chic fame) and is also the man behind Angie Stone's club classic "I Wish I Didn't Miss You Anymore."


"Since I like so many styles of music, I would end up killing myself trying to put them into one mix. Now I find that if the project sounds tougher I go with that, or if it needs to be deep, I go deep. Sometimes you start out one way and it ends up sounding completely different when you're done."


Born in Denver, Craig's infatuation with music stems from early childhood. Raised on Motown (The Supremes and Marvin Gaye), jazz (Herb Albert and Herbie Hancock), disco divas (Donna Summer and Cheryl Lynn) and rock (Jefferson Airplane and Santana), Craig's wide range of musical influences helped shape his own eclectic sound, "I'll always love a diva, but I'm a sucker for a nice set of rock power chords or some edgy jazz. I think it's really cool when you hear a dance record and all of a sudden there's a wicked rock guitar solo or a pop record with some crazy jazz progression. For me that's where it's at ... it doesn't get any better."


After developing his DJ skills, Craig's desire to play for a crowd led him to a bar called Colfax Mining Company where he landed his first gig. From there he began playing at various venues throughout the city. In 1992, he quickly established a residency at club Compound, which truly jumpstarted his career. With a line around the block, Craig's Sunday night party drew crowds from all around the world. With guest deejays from Derrick Carter to DJ Disciple, and vocalists like Joi Cardwell and Ron Carroll, Craig's arrival on to the dance scene was as smooth and refreshing as his sets. "Compound" was not only a catalyst for Craig, but also the origin behind the Pound Boys, the name of his partnership with DJ Dealer. Beginning with a night called "Sweatbox," this union led to a five year run at this club doing four nights a week and eleven years with the Pound Boys. Since then DJ Craig C. has wowed dance floors all over the world, including regular stints in the U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.


From the club, Craig's extensive musical knowledge, instincts, and associations with top-deejays and vocalists allowed him to make the transition into production. His desire to create put Craig in front of the studio's mixing console. As an engineer, Craig pioneered a distinct sound for the Pound Boys. Being a creative force, he also began co-writing songs with various musicians and vocalists (including Musiq Soulchild) and doing production arrangements. Craig found his niche in the creative process. After much success with the Pound Boys affiliation, remixing chart toppers such as: "Joi Cardwell - Pray" (First ..1 on Billboard), Mary J. Blige (..1 on Billboard), Usher and Whitney Houston his reputation reached new heights. Other noteworthy re-edits include Faith Evans, "I Don't Need It", Janet Jackson's "Slow Love," Beyonce vs. Donna Summer's "Naughty Love", Keyshia Cole's "Never" , Don Ray's "Standing in the Rain," Ann Nesby "Let Your Will Be Done", Gladys Knight's "Bourgie Bourgie" and Sergio Mendes' "Roda."


Performing alongside deejays like Little "Louie" Vega, Eric Morillo, Angel Moraes, DJ Duke, Roger S., Todd Terry, Derrick Carter and Tony Humphries, Craig has provided the grooves for internationally renown fashion designers like Vivian Westwood (and the NAHA awards in Las Vegas). He has played at London's legendary Ministry of Sound and the 15-year old Queer Nation as well as all over Australia. In the States, he's performed at Miami's annual Winter Music Conference party for Defected Records / Susu / South Port Weekender, Subliminal Records,' and San Francisco's "Devotion."


"The reward is being able to play for different crowds around the world. It's amazing to see that in every language or culture, the people are always ready to party. That's what keeps me going …”


After spending a year in San Francisco and two years in London Denver is the place Craig calls home. With his regular gigs at Sleaze: Hanky Code/Short Pour (Trade) and a resident at Gladys the Nosey Neighbor, Craig has found that playing for crowds he knows and feeding off their energy only makes him a better deejay and producer. Feeling the vibe and connecting with the audience is exhilarating, a rush that keeps Craig spinning. Continuing in his production, remix and re-edit work, Craig is currently working on his debut solo album which incorporates rock, dance, pop and vocalists and his contribution to dance culture is alive and kicking. Through more stellar productions, remixes, DJ gigs, Craig's cutting edge sound, inventive beats, and crowd pleasing sets make him a refreshing addition to dance floors around the globe.


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