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Dolls Combers



Vincent Lacerenza and Manuele Tigani the co-founders of Dolls Combers.

Living in Milan both share love for house music (with influence of jazz, soul and funky). On a later stage, the re-enforcement of Pino Di Peitro saw them not being long till they completed their first album as Dolls Combers which was published in 2006 called globalizing, released on Soul Star Records. Impressed by their debut album, one of the main members of the American house label ’Kingstreet’’ invited them to remix the Ananda Project track titled ‘’Stalk You”.


After the success of the single “Stalk You”, the Italian trio started working with major labels in the USA and the UK which pleasured them to work with some of the world renown labels in the house music and had an opportunity to complete collaborations with artist such as Dennis Ferrer, Miguel Migs, Stephanie Cooke, Su Su Bobien, Hippie Torrales, Roland Clark, Louie Gorbea, Michael Waltford, Keith Rhompson, Diviniti,Carla Prather.

Dolls Combers ventured into worki with well-known labels such as Salted Music, Jaffa Music, Purple Music, Camio, Reelgroove, Nite Groove, KingStreets, Circular Motion, Open Bar, Little Angel Records, Do It Now Recordings and others. In early 2012 they collaborated with South Africa’s very own Deep Xcape, this saw the South African market appreciating Dolls Combers .

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