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It feels like yesterday but years since these two became good friends and expanding their relationship by becoming good partners in the music industry.
At first, Vuyani Boyi & Obed Segaole were featured on a house music album project from a certain DJ individually, found themselves as common with common likes plays the same kind, listen to common music and produce the same even talk the same language "Soulful House". They collaborated and soon became partners in music and best friends.

FrenzyDreamz was found and became a real pair in music in 2012, These South African Soulful House Duo had done some wonders with their work with various labels, DJs,Producers and Artists. Why do we see RetroLove in every soulful House mix? RetroLove is a theme we use for modified soulful and real rhythmic sounds for the love of retro. Currently working hard and growing stronger each and everyday... 

They've worked with the likes of Dolls Combers on remixing tracks featuring Wendy Jane Satchel and James Lavonz right out of Dolls Combers records. 
Their first vocal production and feature was a soulful sound "Secret Ways" featuring Sam-T, collaborated with many like Footsounds and Siya, Kamu, spanish duo OtherSoul, Solenative MusiQ, spanish producer/DJ DeejayKul, Swidish duo M.O.D & Staffan Thorsell, U.K.'s finests The Realm from Papa Records, Sio Blackwidow, Solenatives MusiQ, Stross, Mleno, Something Blue, Owen Da Artist, DJ Smooth SA, Zura, Jus Nativ, Thandi Draai, KayLow, Phimi, Sublim Ellipses, Pro C, Whizz Stardom (Nigeria), Charles Cooper, Anthony Poteat, Rocio Starry, Federico d'Alessio, Saxy Mr. S, Nengah Krisnarini and many more
Remixes from OtherSoul, DeejayKul,MOD & Staffan Thorsell, Lilac Jeans, Deepternal Brothers, Tido I Deep, Tony Jesus, Masaki Morii, Soul X, VeneiGrette, Brazo Wa Afrika, Those Boys, Jus Nativ, Upside Down Notes, DJ Vitoto, And many more

Praised for their productions with that signature shuffle and those carefully designed drops, they put as much energy into their music as they do into their choice of garme. It seems that having fun, is as much of a drive for the guys as anything, but having fun is not the only thing you will see from them in the coming time. They will release their debut album " House Meets Soul" with some great cross-genre collaborations, do a bunch of tours on pretty much worldwide and they will focus on releasing more hot music on their own imprint "Frenzy Sounds Records & RetroLove". In general, you'll get to listen to a whole lot of great new music as they Frenzy their way into a club near you soon... Very soon.


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