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Staffan Thorsell

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Staffan Thorsell started out as a DJ in the early 90's in Stockholm. He has always had a talent for Dj-ing, at an early age Staffan organised school dances where he would have the opportunity to DJ. From the money earned, he managed to buy his first Technics 1210 mk2 player. It was during this time he also learned to beatmix which resulted in him understanding the profession and how make his own live mashups.

By the age of 16 he had managed to build a strong reputation for playing the latest music and his mixes had by now gained a reputation of being ground-breaking and innovative, this lead to him becoming a regular DJ all over Stockholm. On the back of his strong reputation Staffan started organising different events around Stockholm. His reputation gave him the opportunity to start producing his mixes in one of the major recording studios in Stockholm it was during this time Staffan fine tuned his sound and developed his unique sound.

In 2001 Staffan embarked on training to become a sound engineer at SAE Stockholm the training paved way for him to mix his own sound into his music productions. Staffan was DJ resident at The Lab in Stockholm, which was the funkiest club in Stockholm. During his successful residence here he played a mix of soul and funk which gave him a deeper understanding of the roots of dance music.

Upon completing his education Staffan moved to Switzerland in 2002. It was here he started collaborating with Juan Sunshine, which lead them to form the label MoD (Masters of Disasters) which is both an event and record label. The Swiss based duo has become pioneers in their field with their unique blend of soul, funk and house music. In 2004 they released their first EP called Notion. As MoD’s reputation and success grew they have had the opportunity to release more material such as Just a Groove & Dance Avec Moi on Device records, Moonshine on Soulfuric Records, Brick House on Purple Music.

Staffan has been a successful resident DJ for numerous years at several bars and clubs all over Switzerland. His reputation has landed him invites to DJ at clubs and events all over the world such as Opera Club in Warsaw, Jimmy’s Coco Beach in Ibiza and Staffan is a regular at numerous events in London.

Staffan was also invited to DJ at the exclusive private club Chesa veglia DJ in St. Moritz. Staffan has performed DJ sets with the likes of Jamie Lewis, Jose Maria Ramon, Axwell, Tom Novy, Lorenzo Al Dino. His soulful and deep innovative sound has also landed him invites to perform alongside Keith Thompson and Pete Simpson.

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